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Dussehra is a mass festival celebrated in Odisha . Dussehra , Navratri and Durga Puja are celebrated at the same time in different Indian states of Odisha . This was celebrated in Odisha in the name of Ayudha Puja or horse Puja , after which it has been celebrated with Durga Puja or ” Navratri ” celebrated in North India . On the occasion of Dussehra , sword , shield , iron etc. various traditional instruments and tools are worshiped on this day . Since Odisha is an agricultural state , the agricultural equipment were used for plowing and cutting rice in historical wars such as swords , shield etc. as well as tools like Karni are worshipped on this day . It is observed to show the commitment of people of different ethnicities of Odisha towards the basic profession tools .

Durga Puja

Durga Puja Mahishasurmardini Maa Durga’s victory path described in Goddess Bhagavat , Markandeya Purana etc. This is an example of the victory of truth and justice over falsehood and injustice . It is described in Goddess Bhagavat and Saptashati Chandi , by satisfying Goddess Durga , with her blessings , the stateless king Surath regained his kingdom and was able to get his desired groom through Samadhu Vaishya . When all the deities surrendered to Brahma after being fed up with Mahishasura’s oppression , then in the advice of Brahma , Sri Vishnu and Shiva , they invited Durga from the yagyakunda through Maya seeds in the ashram of Katyayan Rishi , and Goddess Durga Praka Tita is the best . All the gods donated their weapons to Durga , in the end Devi Singh fought with Mahishasur by becoming an army . After fighting for a long time , the Goddess pierced the heart of the Mahisha with a sword , cut off the head with a sword . That was the time when Chaitra Shukla Paksha Asthami and Navami were observed , so at this time the goddess is worshipped as a superpower . To defeat Ravana in Tretya Yuga , Ramachandra performed this puja on Ashwin instead of Chaitra , since then both Chaitra Basanti Navratra and Ashwin Sharad Navratra and Mahapuja of Devi is popular in both the times . Vijayotsav or Vijayadashami is observed on the next day of this Navami , which indicates the tradition of Maa Durga’s post – war ritual .

Durga puja 2022 Calendar

When is Durga Puja in 2022

1st of October 2022Durga Puja – Shashthi
2nd of October 2022Durga Puja – Saptami
3rd of October 2022Durga Puja – Ashtami
4th of October 2022Durga Puja – Navami
5th of October 2022Durga Puja – Dashami

Goddess Durga is worshiped

Goddess Durga is worshiped twice every year in legendary India . In autumn , the worship of Shukla Paksha in the month of Ashwin is called ‘ Devi Puja ‘ and in the month of Chaitra , the worship of shukla Paksha is called ‘ Basanti Puja ‘ . The mother whose crops feed on human livelihood , the public organizes Basanti Durga Puja in full swing , but as a universal worship , the worship of Goddess Saradiya has gained popularity . This great autumn festival is celebrated as Dussehra in Purapalli of India . The main aim of this festival is to worship the goddess . Like Durga Puja , Dussehra festival is celebrated twice in a year . Mother Ganga’s birthday is the month of Shukla Dashami . Bathing in the river Ganga after worshiping Ganga on this day , three sins will be forgiven . This tith is called ‘ Dushera ‘ or ‘ Dasavidha ‘ Paapaharan Divas . This date is known to the public as ‘ Ganga Dussehra ‘ . The other Dushera festival is celebrated on Ashwin Maa’s Suklapaksha Dashami . Last day of this durga puja . This Dusshera festival is a popular festival in India . So , when we say ‘ Dushera ‘ , all Ashwins understand Shukla Dashami only . This date is called ‘ Vijaya Dashami ‘ as Ramachandra performed a victory rally towards Lanka for the purpose of the death of Ravana by praising Matrushakti Banadurga on this auspicious day of Dussehra . Again before the unmarried date , Lionbahini Adya Shakti Durga killed the unfortunate Mahisasura and decided to bless the gods . The war between the goddess and the demons lasted for sixteen days from Kanyama’s or Ashwin month Krishnapaksha Astami to Shuklapaksha Navami . Epidemic occurred on Shukla Astami and Navami dates . Along with Mahishasur , all the demon’s dynasty were destroyed . Due to the pandemic , the darkness of the ninth night along with the shadow of evil was removed from the trilogy , all kinds of good deeds started on Shukla Dashami . Adikabi Sudramuni Sarala Das writes in ‘ Chandipuran ‘ that this day has gained fame as ‘ Dukha Dashami ‘ as the sorrows of the world are gone . Durga is worshipped on this day as the gods worship the Mahashakti Brahmayi Durga , who is saved from Maha Dashain on the day of ‘ Dukasaha Dashami ‘ .

Devi Mahatmya

Devi Mahatmya ‘ Mate ‘ : ‘ Chandi ‘ , the tradition of Durga Puja was broken after hearing ‘ Chandi ‘ . 16 days puja is held in the temples of the Goddess from Ashwin month Krishnapaksha Astami to Shuklapaksha Navami . This is called Solapuja . On the seventh day of Suklapaksha , the sacred idol and the temple are established . Mahastami Puja and sacrifice are done on the eighth day . The word ‘ sacrifice ‘ means gift . Some gifts have to be given to satisfy the mother of the universe . Therefore , there is a provision of sacrifice in Goddess Puja . On the ninth day of the ninth day , to calm down the Raktamukha Devi , peace is there . On the tenth day of the grand ceremony , the idol of Mrummayi Devi and Ghata are immersed . Durga’s anger power is ‘ Gosani Jat ‘ on the day after Dussehra at Puri and this date is called Gosani Ekadashi . It is also called ‘ Maha Puja ‘ as there is a provision of great bath sacrifice and homar in the autumn Durga Puja . Due to various reasons , Dussehra festival is being celebrated , it has become a great festival . The importance of this festival is stated in the Goddess Purana that it is a great , sacred vow and observing this vow leads to success and defeats enemies . Before the start of Kurukshetra war , Sri Krishna advised Pandavas to worship Banadurga . Historically famous Chhatrapati Shivaji worshipped Durga during the war with the Mughals . Khadga is worshipped to establish the power of the Goddess on the occasion of Dussehra . Housewives worship Gruhalakshmi by observing Sudashavrata for the welfare of the family on Thursday on Dussehra . Somnath Vrata’s inauguration festival which started from Shukla Shasthi of Bhadraba month is also celebrated on Dussehra Tith . Param- Iswari Devi Durga is pervasive in all the objects of the world . He is Mahavidya , Mahamaya Mahajogeshwari . He is ‘ Akshara ‘ as he doesn’t have ‘ milk ‘ or end .

Goddess Bhagavat to me , Brahma’s advice for the death of Ravana made me want to worship Goddess in the spring of Sriram . Because , the gods go to sleep from autumn premature , Ashadh Shukla Ekadashi ( Harisayan Ekadashi ) to Hemanna Shukla Ekdashi . According to the instructions of Brahma , Shri Ramchandra Kanyarashi organized puja for the premature Bodhan of the Goddess on the sixth day of Shuklapaksha . With the power of paddy Sriram , knowing that Devi was lying on the branch of the world tree in the form of virginity , Devi started the ritual in the morning and in the evening started the worship of the Devi under the tree . After that , on the seventh day , the goddess was worshipped with sixteen rituals . At that time also , as the goddess was in a dry state , on the occasion of Astami , the goddess was again worshipped . Due to the commotion of the previous Yoginis , the goddess slept only after laying down her shoulder . After this , during the end of Astami and the beginning of Navami , Sri Ramchandra performed Sandhipuja . Twenty – four minutes of Asthami and twenty – four minutes of Nabami , this special Sandhi Puja of Goddess Chamunda for a total of forty – eight minutes . Shriram summoned Chamunda and requested to lift Goddess Durga . With the help of Chamunda , Goddess Durga awakens on Navami . Meanwhile , she saw the goddess as a virgin and did special puja with the yoginis and offered her one hundred blue lotus at once . From that day the worship of the goddess in the form of virginity begins .

tradition of Ghatapuja

Whether the tradition of Ghatapuja is autumnal Durga or Basanti Durga Puja , even if the rules of worship are implemented along with the daily rituals , the worship related to Ghata installation has been prevalent since the time of Abahman . Though the popularity of idol worship has increased in different ways , it is not possible to exclude the original principle . Basanti Durga Puja is not specially celebrated . On the other hand , the autumnal Durga Puja is now recognized as universal worship , but both puja and its rule are almost the same . Apart from Autumn Puja and Basanti Puja , in South Odisha , in the context of Swapnadesh or Agyamala , Maa is worshipped on any other day as per the legal system . Ghat establishment and Ghat puja can be seen here also . There is a rule of going around even holding the incident on the head . Idol worship was seen in just two hundred years . So first metal statues were seen while clay statues were widespread in just 100 to 150 years . But the Ghatapuja which was popular from the beginning is still being celebrated . According to our culture , different worships are based on the five elements . That’s kshit , up , marut and bam . Man was the first to worship the soil . Because the soil sheltered him to live in and he survived by eating the fruits of the soil . Thus called water ( up ) life . He knew that life without water is impossible . So population was built on different reservoirs or riverside . Some rivers were considered as pilgrimage places in the future . Sun was accepted as God in the idol form of Teja . Of course accepted the fire after . The wind ( desert ) and the sky ( byom ) were also accepted as their own . In the flow of time , those who are related to this Panchabharat are accepted as part of the divine power or God . Just as the tree deity and the rock , the metal nature became worshipable . The religious nature of this Maha Panchbhutamana is – word , touch , form , juice and smell . Again these are perceived by our five senses ie voice , skin , eyes , genitals and nasa .

Now let’s see which gods do we worship in this situation . Of course , the sacred thoughts of Ganga , Yamuna , Godavari , Saraswati , Narmada , Sindhu and Kaveri are mixed in water . Sindhur is designed in a single event , that is , between the points . Similarly , Gananayak , the god of water Varun , Indra and Dasdigapala , along with the sun , Navagraha and village goddess are worshipped in the pit . On the other hand , Shiva in the mouth of Ghata , Vishnu in the voice , Brahma in the lower part , eighteen Matrugan in the middle , seven oceans in the Kukhi , seven islands on the earth and all the pilgrims are worshiped remembering .

Kumari Puja on Navami

Kumari Puja on Navami , Sri Sri Durga Puja was performed in autumn to kill Ravana . This is called ‘ timelessness ‘ . Because the autumn sun sets south . From the month of Shravan , the moon of the month of Pousha , the sun of Ashadha rises from Magha . The night of the southern gods . So the perfect time to worship Uttarayan god . Ravana , Brahma’s groom is required to kill him as he possesses superpower . So Brahma ordered Sriramchandra to start the work of Goddess in autumn . Sriramchandra is confused . Instructions of creator Brahma and eyesight of gods and goddesses . Is the goddess awake or asleep ? Will the goddess appear now ? So , he came to know with concentration that Devi Trishakha is a ‘ virgin ‘ girl in Biswadal . Sriramchandra was amazed after observing this scene . Will awaken the goddess . Shriramchandra performed ‘ Bilwaswas ‘ on the sixth day on the orders of Brahma . Even after worshipping the goddess on the seventh day of the sixth month , the goddess did not sleep . Shriram called the Yoginis and did special worship on Astami . So , the last punishment of Astami and the first punishment of Navami ( 24 + 24 = 48 minutes ) worshiped in search of evening . This is called ‘ Sandhipuja ‘ . Shriramchandra performed this ‘ Sandhipuja ‘ with the help of Chamunda Devi . After this puja means on the ninth day , the goddess woke up and again visited Sriramchandra in the form of ‘ virgin ‘ . Therefore , Kumari Puja is going on on on the ninth day . Kumari meets Jogini , Paramadevi is again the supreme nature . It is mentioned in Sri Sri Chandi , ‘ Women are all good in the whole world ‘ means all women are Brahmayi , Mahamaya Jagajjanani is a special part of the Goddess . Even though every woman is a part of Bhagabati , Bhagabat Satta is specially manifested among virgins . Unmarried girls for sixteen years are called virgins in Tantram . As long as you are not a girl , ‘ virgin ‘ is as sacred as a kusum . So till then , the bride can be offered to the Lord . In Tretaya Yuga , Sri Ramachandra Devi Durga was seen and worshipped as a virgin . Later , Sri Sri Ramakrishna and his disciple Vivekananda propagated it a lot and also spread it by Rani Rasmani Devi by Kumari Puja . Because Bhagwat felt the power among virgins . Therefore , on the ninth night of Durga Puja , some Brahmin Banshiyas of seven to eight years old girls are adorned with alata on their feet , kajjal in their eyes and sandalwood on their forehead , decorated beautifully with new sarees and decorated with different attire .

This is called ‘ Kunari Laxmi ‘ worship . Even though Kumari Puja is not performed in all Puja pandals of Odisha on ninth day , Kumari Puja has been performed since the time since the puja pandals of Poona village of Cuttack district . It is said that those who do this puja , get the result of the four classes . Kumari Puja is just a way of showing respect to women .

Puja Vidhu Janmashtami

Soil is rescued from the river on the occasion of Puja Vidhu Janmashtami , which is the first widow of Dussehra . After this , the craftsmen are busy in making statues . On the occasion of holy Mahalaya , the sacred statue of Maa is offered on the occasion of Mahalaya . The real Durga Puja starts from Mahalaya . Because from this day there is a period of 10 days between Durga Puja , which is said to be Dussehra in Purana . The real worshiper can be seen from sixth to tenth . . Shasthi : Belbarani is performed on the occasion of Shasthi Puja while going to welcome Adhivas , Bilsabaran . This puja is done near Belagach . At last , at night , by giving color to the eyes of the goddess idol , eyes donation is completed and life is established through mantras . Saptami : Navapatrika Puja is done on Saptami , when banana , juice , manasaru , turmeric , ashok , pomegranate , bell , jayanti and paddy are worshipped by these nine castes of Durga by forming a statue of Durga , after that the grand bath is completed . Chandipathom : Home and flowers are given along with the recitation of the book Devi Mahatmya ( the book of description of the subject of Durga under Markandeya Purana ) . Astami : Mother’s main Sandhipuja is done on Astami . The last punishment of Mahastami and the first punishment of Mahanabami is called Sandhi time . According to Shastra Vidhu , this evening is the time to sacrifice Kalahi Devi in Saradiya and Basanti Durga Puja . Sacrifice is offered near mother at this time . Earlier animals were being sacrificed , nowadays gourd , water melon and hospital are being sacrificed . In Odisha , on this day , women wear new clothes after offering food to their mother by bringing saree , feni etc. Navami : Fish is offered at the shrine of Goddess on Navami Puja . Some Puja committees of Alisha Bazar , Chandini Chowk Prabhruti , Cuttack enjoy big fish on Navami Puja . Dashami : Ghat immersion and immersion . Dashami Puja is the last Puja of Maa , Aparajita Puja is special for this day . In some areas of Odisha , the women of the street cry as if they were going to give their mother farewell with Aparajita flower . Women play vermilion games with this . Sindoor game competition takes place in many places . Today’s preparation is curd and rice . ‚óŹ

Cuttack Dussehra

Cuttack Dussehra in the mirror of history . Thousand years old historical city Cuttack festival tradition is unique . Sharadiya Dussehra Puja has its own charm and fragrance in Cuttack . The festival has been traditionally celebrated here for centuries . Once the main attraction of this festival was zari and silver necklace . Now , there is a competition for constructing a golden pillar keeping in mind the demands of the era by various Puja committees . Although there is no evidence of when Cuttack Durga Puja started , intellectuals say that it started in the sixteenth century . According to researchers , the tradition of this autumnal festival started from the time of Shri Chaitanya Dev’s arrival in Odisha . Shri Chaitanya Dev came to Puri in 1510 with some Bengali families of Baishnava community . Right after this he came to Cuttack and stayed in the Vinod Bihari temple at Balubbazar . During this time , Maa’s Ghat Puja started . He first worshiped Pitula Durga by erecting a statue . It is believed that this incident is the creation of Cuttack Durga Puja . Vinodvihari Puja Mandap is the oldest Devi Mandap of Cuttack and Durga here is considered the elder sister . The Puja Archana of Maa which started from here has been celebrated grandly in various places of Cuttack since last five hundred years . Now come , let us pay attention to the history of some important temples of Cuttack city . Chowdhury Bazar Puja Committee , Durga Puja is going on here for more than a hundred years . The first silver medal of Odisha was decorated here on the occasion of Durga Puja in 1956. This Puja committee , which always thinks new , made a golden crown for the mother in 1999 for the first time . It is famous in the whole state as the first silver pillar and the first gold work in the post .

Cuttack Chandi Road – Sekh Bazar Puja Committee was first started in 1875 by some youngsters of this area . Durga Puja was started from 1902 by Pujak Tinikadi Chakraborty . Jari Medh was first meeting in the Mandap . In 1991 , the second Chandimedh of the city was made by the Tarakshi artisan Late Ramachandra Sahu . Every year on Dashami , curd , rice and vegetable bhog are distributed among thousands of devotees . The main worshiper of Maa Cuttack Chandi has a rule to perform Alati 108 evening on the auspicious Mahastami day . Another feature of this place is the attractive lighting decoration , as soon as the evening comes , there is a lot of crowd to see the poles and lights . Mangalabagh Puja Committee in 1885 , a man named Loknath Tihadi started the worship by building an idol of Haraparvati in Mangalabagh . On 14th October , 1948 , on the occasion of Dussehra , the sacred idol worship of Mother Jagatjanani Durga started instead of Haraparvati . The Jarimedh attire here is unique and attractive . In 2011 , golden crowns were made for Maa Durga along with other gods and goddesses here and adorned in Puja . And Chauliaaganj Puja Committee here is one of the oldest pillar in Cuttack city . In 1925 , the worship of Har Parvati was started here in a chalgha . After a long time , in 1962 , Maa Durga’s worship started instead of Haraparvati . The goddess has been crowned with gold here since 2008. Special importance is given to cultural programs and decorations on the occasion of Durga Puja here .

Balu Bazar Puja Committee is the oldest Puja Mandap located at Balubazar , Cuttack and entire Odisha . It is believed that Durga Puja has started from here in Odisha . This puja mandap has a unique feature . The puja mandap here is constructed by giving natural colors and pieces of turmeric , kendu , tentuli etc. to the mother’s idol . Mother is worshipped here with full devotion and devotion . Alisa Bazar Puja Committee , Puja Mandap located in Alisa Bazar is a major Puja Mandap in Cuttack city . Its mesmerizing silhouette and decorated lighting make the audience particularly attractive . This is one of the oldest puja pavilions of the city . Light bed in mother’s lap started from here only . Mother’s neck and the light bed around the eyes are very attractive in this alley . Cuttack city’s Dussehra has created a special status in the country’s festival map . Cuttack Dussehra’s place is special like Kolkata and Mahisur . This Dussehra is based on brotherhood , self respect and tradition . Irrespective of caste , religion and race , this festival is celebrated by the people of the country as a universal mass festival . One of the most important attractions of Cuttack Dussel the star work done in the poles . Apart from this , well decorated toran , attractive light bed and worship of Maa in traditional rituals , make Cuttack’s Dussehra unique . From children to elders everyone comes out in the evening to enjoy it to the fullest . Even though the touch of modernity has brought a lot of changes in Cuttack’s Dussehra , its unique tradition and charm remains intact even today .

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